NH Hotel de Ville

Once you arrive in Groningen, there are several options for you to reach the hotel easily. NH Hotel de Ville is located approximately a 16-minute walk (1.3 km) away from the train station. For directions please use the map below.

In addition, there are several bus lines that you can take from the bus station that is right outside the train station (Hoofdstation):

  • Line 1 (direction P+R Reitdiep)
  • Line 3 (direction Lewenborg)
  • Line 4 (direction Beijum)
  • Line 10 (direction Korreweg-Selwerd)
  • Line 163 (direction Lauwersoog)

until the bus stop Grote Markt. From Grote Markt, you can easily reach NH Hotel de Ville on foot, as the hotel is located approximately a 5-minute walk from this bus stop. For directions, see the map below.